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April, 2008 - BAIT at the Left Out Festival at Stage Left Studio (NYC)

“Tom Gualtieri and David Sisco play roughly 14 characters apiece and do so with smarts, energy, and originality. They jump from character to character, manipulating their bodies, their voices, their faces, and their personalities without ever veering into the realm of cliché. Their character work ranges from the profanely obvious to the sweetly subtle and the duo works wonderfully together, nimble enough to allow the other's characters to take necessary focus and generous enough to let go of the spotlight to let the other performer shine.”
spacer– Robert Weinstein, (click here for full review)

“Gay stereotypes run rampant, or swish and strut rampantly, here in some "bait-and-swish" prancing. But many of these guys are all too real. The play won six awards in the Columbus National Gay & Lesbian Theater Festival, including Best of Festival, with the same team, including director Laura Josepher who keeps all the plates spinning in the air without a feeling of exhaustion or franticness. She and the two men also manage to find a moment or two of humanity and tenderness near the end. Even in this torture chamber known as relationships and would-be/please-don’t-be relationships, there’s a glimmer of hope.”
spacer– Rob Lester, EDGE New York




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