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Falling to Earth
Really Good Time (Tom Gualtieri, David Sisco)
That’s What I See
(David Sisco)
Something Happened
(Christiana Cole, Tom Gualtieri)
Just Another Serving Girl
(Tom Gualtieri)
Better Than Venus
(Mamie Parris)
Paphos’ Song
(Tom Gualtieri)
Things in Cyprus
(Kristin Maloney)
You Don’t Know Love
(Mamie Parris)
I Saw You in the Stone
(David Sisco)

The Heiress*
Aunt Penniman’s Rule
(Jeanne Lehman, Lauren Shealey)
When Her Mother Danced
(James Patterson and Jeanne Lehman)
Everything I Need
(Lauren Wiley and Jason Forbach)
What I Have (Lauren Shealey)
*(All songs written with the kind permission of Judy Goetz Sanger)

I'm Afraid, You're Afraid
Anything Can Kill You (Christian Cole, Sam Tedaldi, James Patterson, Kevin Wanzor)
We'll Be Fine (Kevin Wanzor, Sam Tedaldi)

Other Songs
Boat to the Highway (Jeremy Hays)
I'll Never Tell (Miss Vodka Stinger, Kevin Wanzor)
Moments of You (Jason Forbach)
What Are They Talkin' About (Tom Gualtieri, David Sisco)

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